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In the context of a research and development department of an enterprise, researchers regularly access, review, and use large amounts of literature, yet none of the exiting tools and solutions provide the wide range of functionalities required to properly manage these resources. Indeed, bibliography management systems manage the references and citations but fail to help researchers handle and locate resources. On the other hand, research paper recommendation systems and specialized search engines help researchers locate new resources, but again fail to help researchers manage the resources. Finally, Enterprise Content Management systems offer the required functionalities to manage resources and knowledge, but are not designed for research literature. In this work we propose a new class of management systems: Research Paper Management Systems. Moreover, to illustrate our approach we highlight our system Papyres which combines various tools and functionalities, including Web2.0 technique, enabling researchers to maintain and manipulate bibliographies, as well as to manage and share resources and knowledge. Finally, we report on the implementation and validation of Papyres.

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Writing a research or a term paper on management can be an excellent opportunity to obtain this priceless knowledge. Management science offers a great field for researching and analyzing since it has a great number of concepts, models, theories, or hypotheses to discuss. The main advantage of working on a research paper on management is an opportunity to choose a topic in the framework of your particular interests. Those students who like more scientific approaches and find pleasure in analyzing the existing scientific issues can choose one of the concepts or classical management theories, i.e. the ones of Henry Fayol, Lyndall Urwick, Abraham Maslow, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, Max Weber, or the ones of Frederick Taylor, who is considered the Farther of classical management science, and write a thorough analysis of it.

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Research Paper Management with Emacs, org-mode and RefTeX

Those students, who like critical thinking and enjoy using creative approaches to their academic writing can try to provide own viewpoint or even propose own theory or concept related to management science. A very interesting idea could be creating an effective and scientifically proven management strategy for a certain business enterprise or a company. If you have an opportunity to study the functions and the work of management department of a company, the materials and data you can gather will be enough for writing a great term or research paper on management. Such information can be very advantageously given in the form of models, graphs, tables, schemes, and other types of visuals which can make your academic work more successful and better understood by your readers.