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The introduction is the only text in a research paper that is written without using paragraphs in order to separate major points. At first you may want to write a , but this more detailed instruction for a good research paper introduction example may help you further:


This is the most important, and most helpful, tip there is when it comes to writing research paper introductions. While the introduction often doesn’t include in-depth information, and while (obviously) it is one of the first elements of the paper that the audience will read, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to begin the writing process with the introduction. Remember, the point of the introduction is to introduce the full content of the paper that the audience is about to read. Generally, to create a proper introduction, one should know what one is introducing. The fact of the matter is, even if the research is complete, the paper itself will evolve somewhat in the writing of it. Writing the introduction first inevitably leads to the necessity of rewriting it (sometimes with huge changes) after the body of the paper has been written. Also, the introduction is the section where students (if they begin with it) are most prone to writer’s block. Once the body of the paper is finished, it is a very simple process to outline and write an introduction.

research paper introduction example Source:


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