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Spanish 96A/Spanish 398 (variable topics course): Cuban Literature and Culture: Inside/Outside (most readings will be in Spanish). In this course we will sample a variety of contemporary Cuban and Cuban-American texts (novels, autobiography, short stories, poetry), music and films in order to gain an understanding of the breadth and complexity of expression found in the literary and cultural production of Cubans in the island and in the United States. Students will keep a Spanish-language diary of primary and secondary readings (40% of the grade; will be collected in three installments) and write a research paper in Spanish (10–15 pp; 60%). Primary readings will include: 1. Guillermo Cabrera Infante, ; 2. Miguel Barnet, ; 3. Nicolás Guillén, ; 4. Senel Paz, ; 5. Leonardo Padura, ; 6. Reinaldo Arenas, ; 7. Cristina Garcia, ; and 8. Carlos Eire, . This course will attempt to develop a dialogue between the literature produced by Cubans in the island and in diaspora from 1960 to the present. Lectures, class discussions, and most readings will be in Spanish. Instructor: Rosa Perelmuter.

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