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The research paper in chemistry is much the same as a term paper in an English class

Eschenmoser: In principle and over all, I did not really change. My first research paper in chemistry was on a natural product, a sesquiterpene, and my last paper, on nucleic acids, in a way was also. The change you mean by your question was from the synthesis of complex natural products to studying the properties of alternative nucleic acids. That happened when I was at the age of 61. Changing the type of questions within a field is healthy and important. In my case, it kept me from becoming disinterested in research with advancing age.

A Research Paper In Chemistry: How To Come Up With A Topic

How to Pick a Topic for a Research Paper in Chemistry

Hello, I'm doing a research paper in chemistry on qaulity control chemist's. I was wondering what colleges offer a qaulity control degree? Also What...