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Writing a good research paper for English class is important if you want to make a positive impression on your supervisor. Therefore, it is better to take an assignment seriously and take your time to prepare an outstanding paper. The first problem that students face is how to choose a proper topic. However, it is also necessary to understand what you are going to do after you select a perfect topic to write about. So, study the main elements of a good research paper and their relations to a chosen topic before you start writing.

Research Paper Topics For English 101

The first time I encountered mention of Esperanto was when I had to write a research paper for English. Might have been sophomore or junior year, this was pre-internet. Likely it was from the tiny forlorn copy of Mario Pei's 'Wanted a World Language'. While I cannot say I'm still proud of the research paper (the secret to good grades is picking an obscure subject,) it laid out the simplicity of Esperanto.
A visit to our big county library brought about the discovery of three books, all of which have sadly gone missing: Teach Yourself Esperanto, Esperanto the Aggressor Language, and 'Talk Your Way Around the World' by Pei.
Acquiring a newer version of TY plus a dictionary was what got me in contact with ELNA.
Anyone else notice that there was a version of TY that had a LOT of typos?

I am writing a research paper for english

This prompted me to choose the topic of gun control for a research paper for English class

Just take a piece of paper and write down a list of things you need to do with the important tasks at the top, whether that be to remember to finish your research paper for English, clean your room (who has the time to clean their room anymore, anyway?) or fold your socks. Simply put the list in a place where you know you’ll constantly see it, such as your desk or the refrigerator. This especially helps those who have a lot on their plate and are forgetful.