The Importance of Research Paper Footnotes

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There are many aspects which form the criteria of judging a research paper. In addition to your knowledge of the topic and subject, your capability of understanding and following the guidelines would also be evaluated. The style asked for, in the guidelines, is one of those points which will be used to judge your submission. The Chicago style of documentation is the most favored style for history research documentation. The use of research paper footnotes is one feature that distinguishes this style of writing.

Sample Research Paper With Footnotes

Research paper footnotes are one way to reference a text within the article

MLA style of documentation is the preferred style for recording scholarly findings in arts and humanities subjects. The exact method of citing the sources in an MLA style research paper depends on the assignment guidelines as this style offers various methods for the purpose. Research paper footnotes, even though not a much preferred way of referencing in MLA style, is not forbidden either. Hence you should refer to your assignment guidelines to check whether the use of footnotes is either specified or forbidden.