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In addition to an orientation to the library in the first week of each fall semester in all programs (except MPS in Sing Sing), students may register for courses in library research, which are offered every year. The Director of Library Services is also available for individual consultations on research procedures. Students may make appointments to learn research methodologies and research paper design, as well as the mechanics of computer-based research.

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Research in Engineering Design is an international journal that publishes research papers on design theory and methodology in all fields of engineering, focussing on mechanical, civil, architectural, and manufacturing engineering. The journal is designed for professionals in academia, industry and government interested in research issues relevant to design practice. Papers emphasize underlying principles of engineering design and discipline-oriented research where results are of interest or extendible to other engineering domains. General areas of interest include theories of design, foundations of design environments, representations and languages, models of design processes, and integration of design and manufacturing. Representative topics include functional representation, feature-based design, shape grammars, process design, redesign, product data base models, and empirical studies. The journal also publishes state-of-the-art review articles.

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This is the second course in a two-part series and builds on theory and concepts learned in Research-I. Students will analyze methods used in medical research and evaluate the reliability of findings. Topics include medical writing, research ethics, research paper design, and critical review of the literature using published research articles. In addition, students will also make recommendations which could improve the research process. Students will cover the essential requirements for a research paper and discuss the AMA paper format. The course will culminate in a critical analysis of peer-reviewed literature, using concepts taught in class. Students will be able to recognize the relevance and value of research in the medical professions. They will also acquire the necessary skills to critique medical literature through examination, evaluation, and application of research theory and methods, and have an understanding of medical writing.