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Your conclusion can be one of the most important research paper components because it will help summarize and synthesize what could be a very long and complex paper. You want to accomplish two things: you want to make sure your reader understands the message you have conveyed and you want to leave a lasting impression.

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Teaching Different Perspectives on Plagiarism and Source Documentation Elizabeth Matresse (EWU) – An analysis of a number of university academic honest policies suggests that plagiarism is framed in a way that has a negative impact on how students perceive plagiarism, plagiarists, and their own research. These negative messages can affect how students feel about taking risks in their writing and research. Additionally, the messages inherent in these policies can cause students to interpret common research paper components, such as citations and the bibliography, solely as tools used to prevent accusations of plagiarism. In order to counter the effect these policies have had on the work of beginning academic writers, this presentation will cover classroom strategies for teaching research elements like source documentation in ways that stress their academic and collaborative purpose.

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R3 used primary scientific literature to engage students in learning scientific writing and research skills. Students completed reading, discussion (within a group of 4–5 and within a lab section of 20 students), and individual and collaborative writing activities connected to the primary research articles while learning immunology concepts from lectures and lab exercises. The student activities were completed in three stages where the scope and depth of the student work increased incrementally over the semester: Stage 1: Understanding research paper components; Stage 2: Learning to write a research paper; and Stage 3: Practicing scientific research and writing ().