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It is quite easy to learn the research paper citations system simply by getting a copy of the guidelines. There are numerous examples of these guidelines online and your college will itself have hard copies in the college library as well as examples on the college website.

On this page you can learn about Works Cite in a Research Paper, APA Research Paper Citation.

Free 50-minute workshops on a are offered throughout the semester according to the schedule below. You will notice that certain weeks in the semester are designated for instructional support for general skills such as calculator use, Power Point presentations, and research paper citations.

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Where is the citation styles used in the research paper?
References are usually cited in two places:
1. A concise citation appears in the text depending on the format selected
2. A complete citation appears in a bibliography at the end of the report.
3. Footnotes section is also used in some writing styles.
One can also get some good to understand research paper citation styles completely.