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Some people may wonder if there are any specific topics to avoid because they might be "hot button issues." For example, a student may be afraid to write a research paper about the death penalty or abortion for fear of offending someone.

This research paper is about the history of cosmetics,

Unless you are famous enough to have one or more books written about you, you usually cannot do a research paper about yourself. After all, by definition, a research paper requires you to do research. This means that there must be sources available for you to use to do that research.

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KingRDR's research paper about the terracotta army!

Animal abuse is ugly business, yet it happens more regularly than you may think. While it is true that they may not share the same level of awareness that we do, we can clearly see that they are capable of experiencing pain and suffering, some animals have even died as a result of heart attacks due to stressful conditions, while others have reportedly committed suicide. The problem with detecting these practices is that the ones involved are usually quite resourceful in covering their tracks and I would recommend caution to anyone deciding to poke around into the affairs of any corporation. Here are some ideas that should be useful when composing a winning research paper about abuse: