How to prepare reference pages for research papers

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How to Write a Reference Page for a Research Paper

View our visual citation guide on how to cite example Of Reference Page For A Research Paper (Apa Style) a Journal in APA format). Alternative APA title page, vIEW PDF, alternative APA running head.

Reference Page Sample For Research Paper

write you're bibliography or reference page for research papers.

No research can be conducted without the help of sources. The sources are sometimes used to guide the research to a conclusion and, some other times, to support the argument. The audiences need to know the sources used for research, in order to evaluate the level of credibility of the compiled data and also for further references. This is the purpose served by the reference section. The section, even though it is a separate section attached to the last page of the research paper, is linked to the cited information using in-text citations. The in-text citations lead the reader to the relevant source listed in the reference page. Hence, while preparing a reference page for research paper, it must be ensured that the in-text citations tally with the details given in the reference section.