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A recycling research paper is just a type of article that concentrates on a particular topic, recycling. In this case, you still need to apply the basic procedures in writing a research project. You need to write a research proposal and have it approved by your teacher. You must write a good thesis statement as your main idea for the research. It is still important to include chapters like abstract, introduction and methodology. Moreover, you still need to apply citation methods like APA or MLA formatting. In short, all the research paper-writing tasks are still required for you to complete.

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The world is on a state of deterioration thanks to man’s carelessness. With all the pollution in land, water and air, it is not surprising if one day our planet will have more trash than humans. With this major concern, do you think it is only appropriate that you write a research paper about the environment? One type of paper that we can suggest to you is recycling research paper. Let us provide you with some topics about recycling that you can use to write your research paper.

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So what are the best recycling research paper topics to utilize? As we have promised, here is a short list of topics that you may consider for your research paper.