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It is obvious that newspapers cannot publish entire research papers; they can accommodate articles that summarise these researches. Scholars can write summaries of their research papers in layman’s terms, highlighting the objectives of their study, findings, analysis and important statistics so that the readers can comprehend the nucleus of the research. Moreover, adding colourful graphs and diagrams to explain the findings will make it an interesting read. If scholars get these summaries published in English language newspapers, they will ignore the population capable of reading only Urdu and other regional languages. Therefore, in my opinion, translations of research studies should be published in Urdu language newspapers and dailies belonging to regional languages. Furthermore, to propagate these findings among those who cannot read or write will not be that challenging as radio still remains an evergreen source of information in villages and among Pakistan’s rural population. Radio programmes discussing the summaries of research papers can impart information among the rural populace. The educated minority and those having access to the internet can read research papers online and can purchase journals carrying these research studies. The print media and radio, therefore, will disseminate the core findings of the research studies among the masses. In addition, universities can make research papers part of their curriculum so that students, during their formative university years, can learn valuable theories to broaden their mental horizons.

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5. Get in touch with faculties and get to know more about how to get a research paper published (maybe from friends, seniors, etc.). It can be your Bachelor's thesis or any small or big idea that comes to your mind. Read research papers online. Find out what faculties at your institute are doing in terms of research and talk to them about your ideas and your desire to work. You can do this in your spare time in the second year.

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