Using quotations in research papers

Summarizing and paraphrasing are techniques you use to deal with sources within your papers. In general, you should use direct quotations in research papers only when you have a good reason (i.e., the quote contains particular language that you think is important). You should summarize or paraphrase when you want to highlight the source's ideas rather than its specific language, or when you can express the main idea in fewer words.

A summary recounts the main ideas of a passage in your words. In a summary, you need not include everything from the original passage, and you do not have to present ideas in the same order as in the original passage.

To write a summary you might:

Integrating Quotations in Research Papers: Citing Sources Effectively — Jerz's Literacy Weblog

I remember when I took my science writing course as an undergraduate. The instructor spent a lecture or two describing appropriate citation and then told us that even if appropriately cited, copying verbatim text was plagiarizing unless you put it in proper quotations. I agree with this description of plagiarism. However, then he told us that scientific papers NEVER used direct quotations. It was commonly accepted that if you could not paraphrase an original quotation, then you probably did not fully understand what the original author was stating. Anyone that has read enough original scientific papers is fully aware that you do not see direct quotations in research papers. Or, at least you don’t see quotation marks. Therefore, with regard to text recycling, the practice of never using quotations falls in direct conflict with the ORI guideline that asserts the use of quotation marks on previously published text such as methods sections.

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