What is the purpose of writing a research paper in law school?

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The purpose of writing a research paper is not only to present results, but also to explain, interpret, predict, suggest, hypothesize and even speculate. The main purpose of the discussion is to provide a forum in which the author seeks to convince the reader of the logical experimental setup, the soundness of the results and the validity of the speculations. At every step, it should be clear to the reader whether the discussion merely interprets results and predicts further outcomes, or launches into more far-fetched speculations. References are essential for this process, but readers are easily annoyed if they are dragged through every publication that has a bearing on the main theme. For the most part, readers expect a coherent interpretation of the results and a demonstration of their relevance. If the discussion must perform intellectual or literary acrobatics to interpret and convince, the results are obviously not sufficiently convincing on their own. If reviewers and editors feel this way, they might require additional experiments before accepting the paper.

Purpose of Writing a Research Paper

Understand the purpose of writing a research paper

The purpose of writing a research paper is two-fold: (i) to broaden your knowledge of a specific topic, and (ii) most importantly to help you gain experience in writing such papers: the experience in gathering, interpreting, and documenting information, developing and organizing ideas and conclusions, and communicating them clearly by itself constitutes an important part of your education.