Departmental funds will be available to help support travel costs associated with presenting a research paper or poster at a professional anthropology meeting or related conference. Department conference travel funds are available for only one meeting per academic year.

Presentation of research paper by Professor Jenny Stewart

Research Progress Meeting format: As this is a diverse group, the format for the Research Progress meetings is to have the speaker start by briefly (15-25 min) presenting a research paper that would serve as an introduction or background to the presentation. The paper is distributed ahead of time, and the audience reads it before the meeting. Then the presenter describes his/her objectives, approaches, progress, and future plans for the remainder of the 90 min. These are intended as learning sessions, so frequent interruptions for questions are encouraged. Thus far, we have maintained an informal and interactive tone.

Zaption Presentation Research Paper Documentary Examination

Whether personally presenting a research paper: YES / NO (Pl tick mark √)

What follows is an outline for presenting a research paper. Depending on the discipline, some information will change, however, this offers an author a guide to follow that will ensure a thorough and engaging presentation that meets the needs of the author and the audience.