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In order to prepare a research paper it is important to first select a topic for the paper. The topic should be genuine and the one that is interesting to you and your readers. Then do a thorough research on the topic and collect as much as materials needed to support your views. Now, it is time to select the format that you want to write the paper in. You can choose APA or MLA format, whichever is suitable for you. Now start writing and don’t forget to put proper evidence to put strength to your opinion and research. Be strict in following the format you have selected throughout the paper. Moreover, it is necessary to put all the reference and citation done in your paper in a separate page. Complete your paper within the given deadline.

While preparing a research paper presentation there are some points that should be considered...

Preparing a research paper depends on your creativity. You will have to use your own idea to make your paper perfect. A step-wise approach will definitely work. Identifying the topic is the most important step one has to follow while they prepare their paper. The topic should create enthusiasm and curiosity in the students, which will motivate them to search deeply on the topic and achieving quality work.

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Ten straightforward steps to preparing a research paper are as follows:

One of the most important parts of preparing a research paper involves researching several sources, a process that is relatively straightforward. Most instructors usually want students to research several resources at at time, usually three, to provide more than one source of information about their paper's subject.