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You can look online and find gigantic lists of possible research paper topics. Just browsing through those lists should help you find something to spark your interest. Perhaps you have read something or seen something in the news lately that gives you some ideas for a research paper topic.

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But by going online and using your search engine you can discover not so much a great range of psychology research paper topics but rather a great range of issues or subjects related to psychology within each subheading you will find many topics and of course you can always create your own. Here are some examples of subjects involved in psychology and possible research paper topics.

Possible argumentative research paper topics

possible research paper topics

Here is a list of possible research paper topics. One of the interesting things about this list is that you do not have to necessarily choose one specific topic. The whole point of brainstorming is that you take a word or words and then write down every thought you have about that word or words. You can do the same thing with this list of research paper topics. Does one interest you without being the ideal topic for you? If so brainstorm that topic and see how you can produce it in a way that really suits your talents. It is perfectly sensible to adapt a title which you like to something which you love.