The most important parts of a research paper.

This part is one of the simplest parts of research paper writing, but many students find it extremely challenging. The essence of this section is to provide or document, all SPECIALIZED materials and procedures used in the process/research. The intention here is nit to tell your story, but to help with the inference of the scientific merit of your study.

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The conclusion is the final section and should tie all of the parts of a research paper together. It should explain why the research conducted was important and how it relates to other research that has already been published. The conclusion is usually only one or two paragraphs in a short research paper.

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Basic Parts of a Researh Paper

Although conclusions are perhaps one of the hardest parts of a research paper to write, it is possibly the most crucial part. Try to think of the rest of the paper being a lead up to this last, vital paragraph or paragraphs. It is your one and only chance to explain to your reader exactly what all your evidence actually means. Your reader should finish your paper with no doubt in their mind as to what you are trying to explain. The strongest of all conclusions will leave your reader with a provocative insight into your own thought process, along with a course of action or thoughts for further study. In short, it will have made your reader think.