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Total marks 40. SecTion 1 expreSSive ArT STudieS 20 marks. Attempt. Question 1 and ONE other question. SecTion 2 deSign STudieS 20 marks. Text should be double spaced on 8 1/2" x 11" paper with othello Research Paper Summary 1 inch margins, single sided Number pages consecutively Start each new section on a new page Adhere to recommended page limits Mistakes to avoid Placing a heading at the bottom othello Research Paper Summary of a page with the following text on the next page (insert a.

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Othello is an outstanding play written by none other than one of the most outstanding writers, William Shakespeare. Writing an Othello research paper can be very daunting as it is a research paper which needs lots of knowledge and concrete research material but it is quite difficult to find authentic material over the internet, therefore, we are providing you with some good sources to find pertinent material on