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There are many ways of finding authentic topics for your research. Internet has made research a much simpler process. You will most certainly have to do some research if you wish to find a very good topic for your research. You can use internet as the main source to get ideas for an original research paper topic for your project .

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Coming up with original topics may sound an impossible task After all, research papers have a section which requires review of literature on the subject which assess existing work done on the topic area. If students were to come up with topics, which is original and no one else has explored, then there would not be a literature review to the research paper. However, what is being meant by original research paper topics need to be interpreted with practical sense in this context. Most subject areas would have been explored and investigated by many scholars but students can come up with new approaches and investigate them in relation to a new target population etc. There could also be a specific aspect of the topic which was not discussed before or a completely different perspective to be offered on the subject matter. Originality in topics can also be achieved by coming up with hypothesis which oppose an existing theory.