Chapter 2 Organization of a Research Paper: The ..

Research paper organization: body paragraphs

Basically, this is where you have to present all information collected. Sure, you cannot just put everything down on paper. This part also requires certain organization.

First, the body should be split into at least 3 paragraphs. Second, each paragraph should be devoted to a certain idea, develop, and support it. Third, all body paragraphs should be logically connected by means of transitions.

Research Paper organization: conclusions

Usually, this part is no longer than two paragraphs. It simply ties together all the main points you have presented. Do not add anything new in this section.

Mind that the right organization of a research paper depends on a properly made . So, do not skip this stage.

Here, you can also learn more about other .

Santos, M. B. (1996). The textual organization of research paper abstracts in Applied

The quotation given above conveys the main idea of our article. A research paper without a certain organization is a complete failure. A properly organized research paper enhances your chances to succeed. As you can guess, we are going to talk about research paper organization in this article. We will also give you tips on how to organize a research paper.

Organization of a research paper: standard or variable?

Some students wonder whether there is a standard structure used for the organization of all research papers. Actually, there is. However, every institution can make some changes and add specific requirements for the organization of research papers.

Why should you care about your research paper organization?

Of course, it is possible to cover a research paper topic without the proper organization of a research paper. Still, correct research paper organization is one of the most important requirements for research papers. In other words, a tutor will pay attention to the general organization of your paper when evaluating it.

Does research paper organization depend on a research paper type?

Actually, it does not. However, you can find several exceptions. Sometimes, a tutor or the academic staff of a university can adjust the requirements for research paper organization to the type of a research paper that is to be prepared.

Standard organization of a research paper

Organization of a Research Paper: The IMRAD Format - Springer

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