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A desirable, though not strictly prescribed plan, for the organization of a research paper is to start with an introduction giving a description of the problem and its relation to other works in the same field. The objective(s) of the investigation should also be stated in this section. Abbreviations (e.g., BAP, 6-Benzylaminopurine; GA3, gibberellic acid 3; etc.) should be put under the introduction in a separate paragraph. The remaining sections can then cover materials and methods, results and discussion. Then follows acknowledgements, if any, and the last item would be a list of references.


A sample term paper gives a direct and physically structured program that allows you to understand what is expected of a term paper and how it should reflect after completion of the task. The organization covers aspects from topic creation and presentation and the element of focus that should be given to the writing process. Organization of a research paper gives a particular idea of what a research paper entails and the outlook that is supposed to be exhibited.

Organization of a Research Paper: The IMRAD Format

ORGANIZATION OF A RESEARCH PAPER Title Titles are printed in boldface in 14 point type

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, provides an excellent resource for the style, contents and organization of a research paper and is strongly recommended to students.