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Oil spill research paper discuss about the various oil drilling issues like the ongoing Deep water Horizon oil spill in Mexico, it promises to not only be a route for academic excellence but ways to providing necessary solutions to general issues surrounding pollution.

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The issues about the recent oil spill will make a good p for students who have the burden of writing oil spill research paper the assignment could be controversial, argumentative research paper, or action research paper focus should not only be place on scoring high grades in assignment or test as the case maybe but how to proffer genuine, good and lasting solutions to the problem at hand, have you come up with a way to control nuclear and toxic waste? So maybe writing about oil spill research paper in conjunction with writing nuclear and toxic waste research paper will suffice. Another pertinent discussion that can come up could be on the need to focus more attention on curtailing pollutants that could result as a by-product or waste, if they can invent and manufacture great technologies eliminating or bringing waste to considerable control shouldn’t be a problem that is if only more time could be directed in that regard.

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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20 is being termed the worst ever environmental disaster in the history of the US. Around 60,000 barrels of oil has been seeping into the ocean affecting the flora and fauna in the Gulf of Mexico; millions of lives could be imperiled. Your oil spill research paper could deal with the extent of damage caused by the oil spill if you like. The biggest problem with oil spills is that they may take years to clean up. A lot could depend on the extent of the damage done by the spill, this could vary as per the cause of the oil spill. An oil spill is basically the pollution of a water body or land as a result of oil seeping from