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ACE PREP COURSE-Students are taught the skills and information on developing exercise programs for healthy adults. This course also prepares individuals to take the American Council on Exercise national personal trainer exam. A broad range of topics is covered including anatomy, exercise physiology, health screening, fitness testing and more. An observational research paper on a trainer-client relationship is required. Suggested prerequisite: Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise, 10-807-160 or equivalent course.

Content and Formating Guidelines for your Observational Research Paper.

In 1945 Hiltner and Chandrasekhar went to Canada to photograph a total eclipse of the sun. This represented a unique collaboration with the theorist Chandrasekhar, for I believe that the paper showing those photographs remains the only observational research paper ever published by Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. Another interaction between Chandra and AI, however, had a much greater impact on astronomy. Chandrasekhar had predicted that when electron scattering was the dominant contributor to the stellar opacity the limb intensity would show linear polarization reaching 11 % for pure electron scattering. AI set out to measure this polarization in eclipsing binary systems. He found polarization, but it did not change with binary phase. Indeed many early type stars showed polarization in the several percent range. As the data collected, it became clear that the polarization was produced in the interstellar medium. In 1949, in back-to-back papers in Al Hiltner and John Hall announced the discovery of interstellar polarization. Interstellar polarization gave the first evidence for galactic magnetic fields and a powerful diagnostic on the nature of interstellar grains.

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Content and Formating Guidelines for your Observational Research Paper

Maybe some of them have already done such a search. In case they have, and succeeded, you can use their positive experience. Avoid any similarity of your paper to projects of your friends or samples that you have found. As soon as observational research papers are devoted to field observation of a phenomenon, your work is supposed to be unique, so you mustn’t copy anything from samples.