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This article is about general recommendation for writing research paper in mathematics. The aim of all the research papers is conversation. A student has to be very clear about what he wants to converse and to whom he wants to converse. It is the basic rule applied not only to math term papers but while writing research papers of all subjects. The prime objective of mathematical research paper is to affirm, by means of cautiously accomplished reasonable inferences.

What is the objective of research paper

The basic objective of research paper is to understand the Communication mix strategies adopted by organized retail sector specially related with advertising as a communication tool, and to identify and analyze communication gap between the views of retailer and customer regarding the usage of advertising media as communication tool. Retail advertising is advertising given by the retailers unswervingly to the consumers. Researcher conduct the study of advertising media which includes Cable Television, Newspaper, radio, Hoardings/Billboards, Leaflets/flyers, Magazine, Website / Internet, E-mail. While deciding the sample size of retailers, researcher used disproportionate stratified sampling techniques. The actual survey was conducted amongst store managers of supermarkets, department stores and hypermarket in Pune and PCMC area. Along-with, the primary data was collected amongst customers also. Total 63 store managers and 200 customers were covered for this study. Researcher found out that organized retailers commonly used newspaper, hoardings, leaflets, internet and e-mail to communicate with the customers. In this study, researcher also found out positive & negative communication gap between the views of retailer and customer.

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The objective of research paper presentation is to develop quest for research among the students