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No Child Left Behind Research Paper

The No Child Left Behind Act, which is often abbreviated as NCLB, was proposed by George Bush in 2001 and enacted on January 8, 2002. The main purpose of the Act is to improve American primary and secondary schools performance.

The intentions behind the Act were really good. However, some time passed, and the Act turned to be ineffective. Besides, it became another controversial issue that you need to discuss in a No Child Left Behind term paper or research paper.

By the way, what do you think about the Act? Do you find it effective? Have you noticed some positive changes in your particular school? All ideas and suggestions of yours will be highly appreciated in the research paper on No Child Left Behind.

If you are stuck with your No Child Left Behind research paper, our simple but effective outline will be rather helpful, So, this is what we offer you to include into research papers on No Child Left Behind.

No Child Left Behind research papers: point 1

Provide some general information about the Act. Tell about the history of its creation, its basic principles, etc.

No Child Left Behind research papers: point 2

Discuss both positive and negative aspects of the Act. For instance, you can mention that nowadays teachers have to pay attention to all students, not only to the best performing because the school is expected to make AYP.

No Child Left Behind research papers: point 3

Now, it is high time to introduce your own position on the Act. By the way, your No Child Left Behind research paper can be based on your own experience and opinions of your teachers. Do not hesitate to talk to them.

Still, you know that all assertions should be backed up. So, find some critical articles and comments of the experts to make your No Child Left Behind research paper strong and persuasive.

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Free No Child Left Behind Free Research Paper On Langston Hughes

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