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The following list contains the names of some greatest musicians and composers from 17th century t9 18th who made their mark over music industry. This list will lead you to choose your music research paper topic if you are interested in writing a music research paper on a musician. These musicians belong to different parts of the world.

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There is a list of some famous musicians and composers all over the world from which you can choose some good and important music research paper topics.

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music research paper topics

If you are confused in choosing a topic for your research paper in music, then you can get help from the internet. All you need to do is go to the web browser, type in the search box “music research paper topics” and check the relevant results. To refine your search you can narrow it down by adding a keyword. This will specify your search results. For example, you can write “music research paper topics 2014” this way you will have the topics for the year 2014.