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Week Five
y y y SSR Writer¶s Workshop: The Multigenre Research Paper/ IEFA poetry assignment Closing activity: Make a list of what still needs finished

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y y y y y Poetry Read Free Write: Elaborate on something that is interesting to you and why Introduce the Multigenre Research Project Lesson Plan: Understanding the Multigenre Research Paper Closing activity: Ask for students to each name a different genre

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The Multigenre Research Project is a way to expose students to writing, literature, and research while deepening their understanding of a specific topic. The multi-genre paper asks students to see, understand, interpret, synthesize, and know their subject through multiple genres rather than a traditional or linear researchbased paper. In employing genres as both a lens and a rhetorical tool, the multi-genre research paper asks students to be explicitly creative and scholarly, to pay close attention to matters of style as well as matters of research. In handling research in this way, students build a ³rhetorical repertoire´ and learn how to better recognize that their thinking is conditioned by the genres they write in and the strength of the message depends on the best choice of genre for their purpose. In comparison to the traditional research paper, the Multigenre paper is more appealing and engaging, for both the writer and the reader. Although the Multigenre paper differs from the traditional research paper in terms of presentation, the writing standards differ very little; in both students must use critical thinking skills to process their researched information and present it clearly through writing. An advantage of the Multigenre paper is that the writing allows for more standards (both National and State) of writing proficiency to be covered during the unit than is allowed by a tradition approach to the research paper. The research paper can be a daunting task for students to complete, as well as for an educator to teach. Research skills are pertinent for every student to learn, regardless of their post graduation plans. The Multigenre research paper teaches both writing and research skills that students desiring to attend college, as well as those who are immediately entering the workforce after graduation will need. For many students the research paper is a new concept that they are completely unfamiliar with. My approach for teaching this unit is to systematically build upon their knowledge through a constructivist approach to learning. Mandy students are unaware that they already possess researching skills and use them on a daily basis. The idea of writing a research paper is intimidating because it boasts a strictly academic appeal in their minds. I believe that by allowing students to select a topic of their choice, and possibly one that they are already familiar with, the students can only further their critical- thinking and problem-solving skills. The students¶ surface level knowledge and interest in a topic promotes a necessary catalyst to further developing their knowledge about the topic. Engaging student interest in a topic is a critical step in advocating a curriculum based in inquiry. Another benefit of this approach is that it can be completely inquiry based. Rather than the