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If you are currently writing a paper, I recommend looking at a MLA research paper example and try to format your own paper in the exact same way. Keep in mind, the most important aspect of the MLA style, is to cite references both in-text and at the end of the article in a “Works Cited” section. If you make proper MLA citations, you will avoid getting into trouble for plagiarism with your teacher, professor, or editor. The formatting of this section is tricky, look at an example for help.

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The instructors decide and guide the students about the style of writing and format which needs to be adopted by the students. The students, in turn, require appropriate examples which can assist them in understanding and tackling the hurdles which shall arise during the transition of the process. The research writing in the MLA format requires that the students have reviewed the MLA research paper example. Through this, the students can prepare and understand the requirements of the format which makes the writing process simple and convenient.

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MLA title page rules are actually very simple. does not make use of a , but instructs authors to include a title block on the first page of the paper in the upper left corner. This MLA first page information follows the MLA research paper example that we already set up – font size, double spacing, etc. The title block contains four lines: your name, the professor’s name, course title and the date. Following that, the next line is the title of your paper, centered on the page, using standard rules for capitalizing titles. And directly below the title is where your paper begins.