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Once you reach a higher level of education you will be expected to put together your research papers in the MLA format. The purpose of an MLA research paper is to look critically at a scientific experiment, technical procedure or social critique. It usually requires studying and analyzing different reference materials. In some cases it may also include an experiment component. If you have never written an MLA format research paper before, here are some easy to follow steps to help get you started:

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MLA style research paper will have to include the title of the books that have been written and the ones that you have included in your research. Something you need to know when citing with MLA format research paper is that the title of the books should not appear in in either of the signal phrases or the parenthesis. However if the research paper has two or more works that have been done by the same author or author who have the same second name, you should either mention the title in the signal phrase or use a short form of the title in the parenthesis. The title must be underlined and the initials of every word must be written in capital letters. Well it is rare to have both the author and the short title given in parenthesis as it appears in example: {as much as the rat is more of white, it looks so beautiful to be used for experiments (Kanaiza, Animal Kingdom 33).}

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A style that’s grown in popularity over the last few decades is the MLA style. When you’ve been directed by your professor to write an MLA format research paper, your ongoing writing process must adhere to a slightly more contemporary style of referencing. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It provides the reader with each reference, but also the actual source that’s being referenced. Let’s see how this style changes your writing flow.