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can be easy to deal with and interesting but only if you sit round the clock in libraries. The trend has no doubt lessened as the internet has taken the place of information provider, but still you can see some read a holics spending their time with books in libraries. But if you don’t possess a reading habit, you need to develop one and follow the points given below to write a good library research paper.

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Is the assignment to write a library research paper just another whim of your tutor? Is this what you think?

Do you know enough to create a perfect library research paper? Have you listened to all the instructions carefully? Have you written down all important details?

Many students fail projects just because of their inattentiveness or absolutely no desire to work. Are you ready for this work?

Well, no matter what you think and how angry you are, library research paper writing is unavoidable. Therefore, before you start writing your library research paper, learn three myths about library research papers in order to avoid mistakes.

Myth # 1: A student should work on his/her library research paper in libraries only.

The word library does not mean the place where you should prepare this project. Thus, a library research paper is a project that should be based on the discoveries made. In other words, you do not have to make up something new; you just need to analyze information available on the issue under consideration.

Myth # 2: Writing a library research paper is a time-consuming process, as you need to work with different sources.

Your library research paper does not require an analysis of all the sources found. You need to choose the most essential sources, introduce the names of outstanding researchers, and tell what they discovered about the topic under discussion.

Myth # 3: Librarians give all the necessary requirements for a library research paper.

Only tutors can provide you with the exact requirements for a library research paper. Librarians can only help you find sources. So, listen to your tutor carefully. This is the only person who can help you!
Now, do not waste time and start writing this project.

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The Library Research Paper

One paragraph summary of your findings.
Tell the reader what the underlying reasons for the research are.
Aims should express the hypotheses you intend to test. This is often incorporatedinto the introduction.
Materials and Methods
Materials and methods should go into enough detail so that a person readingthe report can repeat the experiment. e.g. blood samples were taken eachday between 1.00pm and 3.00pm from the right femoral artery using a 22gneedle and syringe. Be pedantic!
Present your data, possibly in summary such as a table with any statisticalanalysis, in a form that supports your conclusions. Do not make any interpretationof data. Tables of all raw data may be tabled in an appendix.
Interpret your data and compare it to other research in this subject. Thisis usually the longest section and can be treated in some ways as a libraryresearch paper with emphasis on your own results.
Literature cited
This should not be an afterthought but is an extremely important sectionof any research paper. This becomes a tool for research in the future. Seeexamples of citation formats below.