Outline for Junior Research Paper on Controversial Issue Title: I

Honors English 3
Gr: 11
Year Course

Prerequisite for transfer into Honors English 3: a 3.8 GPA in English, 3.5 GPA overall, highest marks on a timed writing exam administered by the department, a writing portfolio review, and department chairperson approval. All students wishing to take AP English as a senior must have enrolled for a full year in Honors English 3.
Students must complete ten to fifteen hours of summer work prior to the first day of class.
ln addition to all topics covered in English 3, a more in-depth review of literature and more extensive reading list will challenge exceptional students. Students will spend considerable time practicing textual analysis and essay writing skills. The honors level junior research paper requires students to expend considerable effort in the analysis of works by a specific American author.

 This file contains all the forms that are needed to complete the junior research paper.

As much as the preliminary section of a junior research paper should be the main thing, you need to know that is usually the last section to be made after the whole research is done. Then after that you should include the body which is divided in five different parts called chapters. The first part is the introduction part, and then literature review which always come at chapter two, then the method used to collect information then data presentation and analysis section which are followed by a summary of the junior research paper discussions, conclusions and recommendation. All these sections need a little bit of keenness and if not sure of the work you are doing, it will be good to seek guidance or go for academic writers.

The Junior Research Paper | Wheaton

Junior Research Paper, “The Legacy of Lois Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co.: Changing Definition of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace”

Junior Research Paper Points Can you Afford to Not Care? Note Cards = 100 Points Quiz Grade Outline = 100 points Quiz Grade Rough Draft= 100 Test Grade Research Paper = Double Test Grade Total = 500..