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Finding The Examples Of Introductions For Research Paper

So, first of all I’m going to pass out some examples of introduction paragraphs for research papers and you’re going to identify the topic sentence by either underlining, circling, or highlighting it. Underneath the paragraph, write how you knew it was the topic sentence. The second sheet I am giving you has example topics that could be used for a literary analysis. Based on what we’ve learned in class, I want you to write a possible topic sentence for each subject. The directions are on both worksheets, so read them carefully. Each person must fill out the worksheets! You will be sharing examples with the class tomorrow, so you really want to finish these worksheets. (I pass out worksheets.) You will work in groups for this project, each row will be a group. Row 1 work in the right, front corner of the room, Row 2 you’re in the left, front corner, Row 3 in the middle, Row 4 back, right corner, and Row 5 back, left corner. Go ahead and move. (Students move into groups.)

Where To Look For Good Examples Of Introductions For Research Papers

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