How to Write a Research Introduction (with Sample Intros)

The writing style you’re going to use for your academic work should depend on the topic and the type of your research paper. Scientific research papers should begin with stating the main purpose, the aim of the work, as well as with mentioning the methods and approaches used for analyzing the problem. An introduction for a research paper on social sciences or art should be less formal and be focused on the information and facts necessary for better understanding of the idea or concept that is going to be discussed in the paper. Surely, a corresponding writing style should be used for the whole academic paper.

A sample intro paragraph for a research paper. (Royalty-free background music by Kevin Macleod.)

Most of today’s college students know that writing a good introduction for a research paper is a great part of success of the whole work. Introduction is the first paragraph of an academic paper, which is the first one that reader sees. The main function of an introduction is to attract attention and make readers want to go on reading the paper. That is why the role played by an introduction to a research paper is significant, and it is absolutely crucial to pay proper attention on working on this very part of your research paper or other academic paper.

How to Write a Research Introduction

Can you show me an example on an mla format introduction for a research paper on william shakespeare?