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even prepares you for the upcoming exams since the topic is related to the course. Your researching, learning and reading for the research paper will help you prepare for the relevant course as well. If you have written an ‘A’ grade research paper that has raised new standards, chances are that it gets published in the relevant journal. Your name as the lead author and researcher of the topic will be mentioned. This is a feather in your cap and reflects well on your resume. In some cases the relevant company, be it a multinational or a government organization can recruit you. How’s that for the importance of writing a research paper?

The importance of bibliography of research paper should never be underestimated

In this paper we propose an efficient method to rank the research papers from various fields of research published in various conferences over the years. This ranking method is based on citation network. The importance of a research paper is captured well by the peer vote, which in this case is the research paper being cited in other research papers. Using a modified version of the PageRank algorithm, we rank the research papers, assigning each of them an authoritative score. Using the scores of the research papers calculated by above mentioned method, we formulate scores for conferences and authors and rank them as well.

Importance of a Research Paper Example

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Research paper is one of the most important and tiring tasks for students. Its completion and compilation takes time and a lot of reading but defines importance of writing a research paper, in the end if done properly. Research paper writing is a significant part of academics which cannot be left aside in any case. For writing a you have to come up with a topic that you consider is appropriate to write and can do justice to. Students at this stage learn about what basic elements should be present while writing a research paper and how it can be made authentic.