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How to publish a research paper is a pretty standard process as mentioned in the already existing answers in the question. However, I would like to add some more details for your specific case. Firstly, following are the challenges faced by undergraduate students in general which makes it difficult for them to publish research papers as compared to Masters or PhD students:Some minor challenges:

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Beside research, I have been active in EPSA and in AISFA (the Italian Pharmacy Student Association) from 2009, founding AISFA local committee in Catania. Then I had been National IMP Coordinator and the following year LS, when AISFA had been elected as EPSA ordinary member. In 2013 I co-organized the 36th EPSA Annual Congress with Guido Gangarossa, being the Vice-Chairperson and in the following Annual Congress I collaborated with the educational programme with a Workshop on "how to publish a research paper".

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Research question 8: How should monitoring and evaluation studies of the impact of ICTs in education in ldcs be conducted? There is a great need for toolkits outlining how to conduct ICT in education M E activities in LDCs, especially as they relate to education-related MDGs. Should it computer Illiteracy How To Publish A Research Paper Of Computer Addiction be? Especially given the many current high-profile, private-sector promoted initiatives (endorsed by many ministries of education) to introduce ICTs into schools in developing countries, even in those most at risk of not meeting EFA goals by 2015, it is perhaps time that this question be revisited. Research question 17: Are there differential impacts of ICT use in education on identifiable sub-groups of boys and girls? It is well established that ICTs used in education can have differential impact on boys and girls.