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Research publications have always been key to building a successful career in science, yet little if any formal guidance is offered to young scientists on how to get research papers peer reviewed, accepted, and published by leading scientific journals. With , Philippa J. Benson and Susan C. Silver, two well-respected editors from the science publishing community, remedy that situation with a clear, straightforward guide that will be of use to all scientists.

Benson and Silver instruct readers on how to identify the journals that are most likely to publish a given paper, how to write an effective cover letter, how to avoid common pitfalls of the submission process, and how to effectively navigate the all-important peer review process, including dealing with revisions and rejection. With supplemental advice from more than a dozen experts, this book will equip scientists with the knowledge they need to usher their papers through publication.

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Research Publication is an important part of academic work, public policy formulation and in business management. It is also integral part of promotion to senior positions in academic institutions and in many cases used for allocation of research funds. This course outlines how to write academic papers in a credible and convincing way, thereby increasing the chances of its acceptance in reputable academic journals and conferences. The course also focuses on the processes for selection of appropriate journals and conferences, and how to get research papers published. Participants will also acquire the relevant skills for optimizing the chances of their paper selection, and the strategies for relating with editors and reviewers. Throughout the course, participants will assess and improve their writing skills by analysing and discussing their own paper and the papers of other participants.

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EndNote can do more than just format citations--it really is a research organizing tool. This video starts out by showing how to get research papers from an online library, format them and save them correctly, and then import their data into EndNote.