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These were the fifteen interesting topics in order to guide students in selection of a good topic for their Hopefully, students will get aid from the preceding topics and select the topic of their interest for writing their health research papers.

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Of all papers included in PubMed, 1.64% had a first author from India in 2007 compared with 1.11% in 2002 (P ) - a 3.1 times increase for public health, 2.4 times for basic research and 1.5 times for clinical research. The sub-category clinical epidemiology had the highest relative increase. Within public health, the increase was lowest for the health system/policy sub-category. Only 5% of the original health research papers were in the public health research category in 2007, whereas 59.1% were in basic research and 35.9% in clinical research.

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Choosing a topic is a vital first step in writing a health research paper as it narrows the amount of work to be done and focuses efforts. A topic in health can range from to the practice of medicine to issues to medical history and more. First consult with the instructor for the general category in health-related studies, choose a topic from that field and gain approval for the topic from the instructor.