Group Research Paper Rubric (Appendix 14)

Working with a group makes a project more complex, but also more achievable. The possibilities of achievement with multiple minds will always be greater than one. Take advantage of having the help of many, and complete the research paper to your best ability. With an idea, agenda and good communication your group research paper will surely be successful.

Appendix 6: Guide for Group Research Paper

During Stage 1 and Stage 2, approximately twenty minutes was allowed in each class period for discussion of research papers and student presentations (Instructor Version). In Stage 3, all in-class time was devoted to practicing scientific research and writing; students planned, implemented group research projects, and wrote their final Group Research Paper. The last full class meeting was devoted to peer review.

Appendix 12: Peer Review Rubric of Group Research Paper

Appendix 14: Group Research Paper Rubric

An example of one “Group Research Paper” has been included, with instructor comments (Appendix 17). Peer reviews of the first draft of this “Group Research Paper” are also included (Appendix 18).