Pass Fail Grading Research Papers for Education Majors

-Assisted Professor Henry Wihnyk in teaching first year lawstudents Legal Research and Writing including leading small groupsdemonstrating research techniques and grading research papers.

New features for Google Docs may prove helpful for writing or grading research papers.

Mention the word "research" to most teachers, and we all think of research papers. We know we need to require our students to complete more research activities, but there is a limit to how many research papers we can actually grade. (Can you tell I spent the majority of my weekend grading research papers?)

Seventh Grade Research Paper - Duxbury

Here’s an example of the list I use when grading research papers in my class, ranked in order of importance:

I place the paper-clipped scoring guides tenderly into the box, aware that I must have these graded for research style, grammar/mechanics, and content soon because, according to policy, students who fail the paper must be given a chance to correct it or face failing the class and having to retake it next year. This means that every spare minute I have free for approximately the next two months, I will probably spend grading research papers, in addition to all the other grading of course work during that time period. I tell myself,.