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• The first thing to know while picking a research paper example in MLA style is the difference between a good example and a suitable one. A good or even a very good research paper example need not always be a suitable one. A good one is one that fits into the general guidelines of the MLA style. But a suitable one is that which would serve your purpose of guiding you with your specific assignment. Since MLA style has many rules which are flexible, your instructor would have listed out his, or her, preferences in your assignment guidelines. A suitable example for you would be one that has illustrated the style as is asked for by your instructor.

Finding good research paper examples online are becoming more difficult to find

Finding good research paper examples online are becoming more difficult to find. As professors and teachers are using plagiarism-checking software, samples of any type of writing are becoming more difficult to find. If you are looking for a custom research paper, samples are practically non-existent because students, professors, and writing companies have figured out how to protect student writing.

How to Write a Good Research Paper - Good Example Papers

There are plenty of academic sites on the internet where you can find good research paper examples

If we take a good research paper example, we shall find out that this writing is prepared step by step like the following: 1) select a topic or problem, 2) narrow the topic, 3) prepare an outline, 4) read and review the documents, 5) prepare a draft, 6) make a revision, 7) provide the paper with the reference list, and 8 ) proofread the paper. A good research paper example is written without spelling and grammatical mistakes.