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It would be better to start with a good thesis statement describing the quintessence of your arguments. Draft an outline in which you can write your main ideas in a coherent and orderly way. A good outline can impart logical writing and an impressive outlook to your research paper. Gangs violence research papers should be written in an interesting style to make them influential and result oriented. Research papers on gangs should consist of an introduction, main body and a sum up of your discussion just like .

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We are familiar with the notion of young gangs and violence related to gangs. A gang is an organization of young people mostly in their teens and twenties, who generally claim a territory for their violent and illegal activities including drug trafficking. It is amazing to know that how much of youth is getting involved in gangs. The ratio of youth participating in the gangs has dropped over the years, but, violence within the gangs is still alarming. It is a social issue that is not confined to a single ethnic group. However, the percentage of youth participating in the gangs may vary along with different ethnic groups. It has been a serious issue for most of the parents all over America and Europe that has been sending creeps in their backbones repeatedly. It is high time to address this issue once and for all. It is very important and interesting to write a good gangs violence research paper .

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