The standard format for a Research Paper includes:

APA style refers to the American Psychological Association’s strict writing and formatting style. It is one of the most widely required formats, especially in science and similar fields. Research papers are generally long and must be organized. Therefore, starting with an outline as a means to organize your paper will benefit you. Use this as guide that answers, how can I outline a format for a research paper in APA style?

 For Position Paper, the 'traditional' format for a research paper is applicable.

Your research paper should not only be interesting to read, but also easy to navigate. There is a set format for a research paper which must be followed in order to score high marks when being examined by your teacher or professor. In fact, some professors won't hesitate to throw your paper into the 'wrong format' pile if it isn't done correctly, so going that extra mile will save you a lot of hassle with penalties and rewrites later on.

Format for a Research Paper - A Research Guide for Students

“How to Use The APA Format for A Research Paper: Examples of Citations”

In order to write a good essay, you need to develop a thesis, which is the particular point that you wish to argue. To begin an essay, you should do extensive reading on a specific topic, critically assess the positions of the authors you consulted and then synthesize their findings and your own insights into your paper. The first paragraph briefly outlines your issue, the problems it presents and a statement of your understanding of the best solution. The body of the essay attempts to demonstrate the validity of your thesis through a logical progression of arguments. The final paragraph gives you an opportunity to synthesize your arguments or give a summary of what you have demonstrated. This is the standard format for a research paper.