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A quality research paper is thorough in concept, in its results, in the context the research is put in. When someone reads a finished research paper from beginning to end, it should interest the reader greatly to the point that it has ‘flow.’

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As mentioned above, there were a few points I disagreed with. Quotessuch as "students search in a haphazard, unplanned way, happy to find whatever"and "lack of patience" were easy for me to contradict. Although I havenever been taught how to write a properly finished research paper, I havebeen taught how to write an outline. And though I may sometimes get overwhelmedwith all the possible information I could write in my paper, I don't searchfor that information haphazardly and unplanned. I write an outline to helpnarrow down the field of topics I wish to write in my paper, but even withthat, there are still vast amounts of information that I could researchon. And unlike most scholars, who get paid to research and have all thetime in the world, I can't afford to shift through all that informationwhen I have a deadline. I don't feel it is fair to compare students withscholars, because it makes hard working students seem uneducated. Doingresearch is a way for scholars to make a living, and for most students,researching a paper is simply a way to make a grade. I feel that I do trymy best while researching a paper, but the problem is, I don't have thetime to look through all that information that scholars do have the timeto look through. It is very hard to pick a focus that can have such vasttopics. And I feel this is the main problem for many students, like myself.


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