Evolution Theory Research Papers

Sure, if you have to prepare a research paper on evolution for your Biology class, you will view the topic from a pure biological perspective.

Most probably, you will investigate evolution of some species or a certain animal. Then, better choose some exotic animals as the main subject of your evolution research paper. Or, on the contrary, you can select an animal that almost has not changed with time like a crocodile or turtles. Or, your research paper on evolution can be devoted to some aspects of Darwin’s theory.

However, there is one more way to complete research papers on evolution and look at this topic. What we are talking about is evolution vs. creationism – one of the controversial issues these days.

So, are you ready to write an argumentative research paper on evolution? We are glad to help you.

Step 1
Make sure you get the very nature of evolution vs. creationism debate; otherwise, it is impossible to write a strong research paper on evolution. In a few words, creationists believe that God created the Universe. People who believe in evolution explain the development of our Universe with scientific evidences.

Step 2
Now, you have to decide on your own position to introduce in the research paper on evolution. So, what do you believe in? Sure, it might be challenging to decide, and you will have to study quite a big number of materials and various opinions.

Step 3
After you take a position, start collecting arguments for your research paper on evolution. Do not forget that you should also know the arguments of the opposing side.

Our article about can also help you. You may also look up our tips for writing a .

Creation vs Evolution Research Paper

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Evolution Research Paper Topics

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