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Try to relate the actual subject of the essay (say, Plato's Symposium) to a tangentially related issue you happen to know something about (say, the growing trend of free-wheeling hookups in frat parties). If you think of graduate school as an Ivory Tower free of politics, money example English Research Paper Mla Format problems, and real-world concerns, you are going to be severely disappointed. If you dont believe me, read The Idea Factory by Pepper White (listed example English Research Paper Mla Format in the references) for one account of graduate life at MIT. Their daughter Ezinma, whom Okonkwo is fond of, is dying. Okonkwo gathers grasses, barks, and leaves to prepare medicine for Ezinma. A public trial is held on the village commons. Nine clan leaders, including Okonkwo, represent the spirits of their ancestors.

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