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• Scan through a number of empirical research papers in these sources.

Empirical research papers, health policy papers, evaluations of innovative or otherwise noteworthy health and health care programs; 2,501-10,000 words of text. N.B.: While we allow research papers and literature reviews as many as 10,000 words of text, rarely does a paper merit that length. If your paper is very long, please edit it as carefully as possible, eliminating redundancy, unnecessarily protracted presentation of background material, and excessive verbiage.

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The Institute for Education and Social Policy (IESP) Working Paper series facilitates awareness and exchange of quality research among the policy community. Empirical research papers and research-based policy papers focusing on topics germane to IESP's will be posted to stimulate comments and to make research results quickly available. Papers accepted to the series are typically pre-publication manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere.