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The Department of European Economic Studies has published a new 'Bruges European Economic Research paper' entitled "Free Movement of Persons: The Mirage of Social Security Schemes", by Dr Roxana NEDELESCU (née SANDU). She is a Senior Academic Assistant in the Department of European Economic Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges.

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This is what you have studied in most of your other economics classes. For example, what happens to the price of housing when the population increases? Using demand-supply model, we know that an increase in population leads to an increase in the demand for housing, increasing the equilibrium price. In reading economics research papers, the economic model is often not identified because it is assumed the reader (economic researchers) are familiar with the underlying model. However, to the novice researcher, the model may not be obvious, so it is important to outline the model and include it in your research paper. The best annotated bibliographies are those written by students who have read the literature critically. See my page on for more information on strategies for how to read economics research papers. Even if an annotated bibliography is not assigned as part of your research project, it is a useful exercise for you to engage in, especially if you have to present your research orally or using a poster. If you are unable to write an annotated bibliography, then you are probably writing a poor review of the literature on your subject and a less than satisfactory research paper.