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Montessori Education and the Dyslexic Child Research Paper

Just to add some recent research regarding these issues
Temporal Resolution Ability in Students with Dyslexia and Reading and Writing Disorders

Unstable Representation of Sound: A Biological Marker of Dyslexia

Cognitive subtypes of dyslexia.

program of the 2013 International Dyslexia Symposisum

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dyslexia research paper writing and essay writing by defining the term

Emma, dyslexia is only about decoding and recoding the graphic symbols the society chooses to represent the sounds of speech. Any other related issues are part of the underlying clinical conditions that can cause the dyslexic symptom. This is what international research has been identifying over the last decade or so.
The are many universities that are so far behind international research providing bogus degrees mainly based on the marketing needs of one or more of their financial sponsors such as the Orton Gillingham organisation, the Davis organisation, and the UKs BDA. They are only interested in promoting and selling programs, and not interested in those like me who are dyslexic and understanding the issues such as auditory processing disorder which is the cause of my dyslexic symptom.
So if you are dyslexic “What causes your Dyslexia?” or are you just some one who has read some marketing material to get a bogus degree.
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